Welcome one and all to my lab-bench blog. This blog will follow me throughout my academic career, as I move from lab to lab and meet many cool people. On this blog I will post what I am up to, including links to what other people are doing. Sometimes I will talk about my peer’s work extensively and sometimes they will do it themselves. I will give you the 411 on what is going on in the world of muscle physiology, bio-mechanic, animal locomotion as i learn about it myself. New knowledge that it presented at conferences will also be posted on here. I will also try to include the prep stages of research. This would include the little known world of grants, money, laboratory politics and publishing etiquette that exist in the research world that is all but lost when the work is discussed on CNN.

A little about myself:

Hey!!! I am Anthony Hessel. I am a first year grad student at Northern Arizona University  in Flagstaff AZ where I resided in the Nishikawa lab. I come from a small liberal art college in PA called Allegheny College. Originally I was not interested in the research side of science, and was set for a medical career. It was last second that I canceled my application to med school and switched to research instead. That turning point came during a summer research gig I had during the summer in the Whitenack lab, at Allegheny. Because there are no grad students there to do all the cool stuff, I was able to take control of the research being done, and so have been building on my craft for a little while longer then my peers.

The Nishikawa lab is great because it allows me to focus on my two main research passions: Muscle mechanics of locomotion, and molecular muscle physiology. Though these both compliment each other, it is difficult to cross these two specialties into one research environment. This lab blends them well, as it is now incorporating molecular approaches to their research of whole muscle kinematics.

I hope you enjoy traveling this Journeyman-ish path that is Grad school with me, and maybe learning something along the way.