Welcome one and all to my lab-bench.

Hey! I am Anthony Hessel. I am a PhD candidate in Biology at the Center for Bioengineering Innovation, Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, AZ. I also  recieved my MSc in biology from Northern Arizona University and my BSc in biology at Allegheny College, PA.

My interest in research started with (plethodontid) salamander jumping. It turns out that they jump in a really unique way that only takes 20ms to accomplish! I used high speed cameras to film these salamanders jumping, and from these films, built kinematic models of the jump, which I call the “hip-twist jump”.  In these results, we found that salamander’s muscles could only account for a fraction of the power used during the jump. Where does that energy come from?

These questions led me down the road to study skeletal muscle elastic proteins at Northern Arizona University. At NAU, I study muscle physiology and biomechanics. We have learn about how muscle force is produced and regulated in muscles. We have used this knowledge to design bio-inspired control systems for powered prostheses and exoskeletons that seem to reproduce normal human movement. You can learn about all this work within this website. Enjoy!



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