As members of the research community, we have an obligation to protect our careers (or future careers). Most research money comes from the US Gov’t, and let’s be real for a minute, science researcher have an awful PR problem….and we never show up to represent. We must get better at explaining to the greater community why fundamental research is important to the advancement of our society.

Fighting the good fight!

Fighting the good fight!

To work on this, I have previously sat on the board of directors for the Arizona Students’ Association (Vice Chair of External/Legislative Affairs) and the United States Students’ Association (Chair of Grad/Prof. Students). I am currently leadership with the National Association of Graduate and Professional students (Western Region Chair/Director), and my local Graduate Student Government (Vice President). I spend a lot of time flying around the country (especially Washington DC), to fight for general higher ed funding and especially research funding. Some places I have had audiences at include the White House, Congress, Dept. of Ed, Department of State, NSF, NIH, and the Arizona State legislature. I have worked (and continue to work) on several pieces of legislation, and was the author of the only national letter to congress stressing the sequester/shutdown’s impact on the research world.

In DC with Flagstaff Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D). and USSA Legislative Director Kalwis Lo.

In DC with Flagstaff Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D). and USSA Legislative Director Kalwis Lo.

If you would like to learn how to get involved, fill out the form below! Research lobbyists are always in demand!

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