Nishikawa Lab Group Members

Principal Investigator:

Kiisa Nishikawa, PhD: Regents’ Professor and Director of the Center for Bioengineering Innovation ( CBI Website), Northern Arizona University. My committee chair.


Post-doctoral scholars

Robert LeMoyne, PhD

Michael DuVall, PhD

Sumrat Dutta, PhD

Fellow Graduate Students:

Uzma Tahir, MS.  PhD Candidate

Sarah Burcher, MS student

Rifat Adity, MD. MS student

Carissa Miyano, MS Student

Elizabeth Bailey, MS Student

Rene Fuqua, MS student (Past)

Elizabeth Bailey, MS Student

Me: Anthony Hessel, MS, PhD Candidate


Undergraduates who work with me:

Eileen Baker: Biology/engineering double major.


Brett Cutler, Senior. Biology/chemistry major

Trips_Alaska_2013 131 - Copy

Deidra Jensen: Biology undergraduate (Past)

Isabel Felix: Senior Pre-med path (Past)

Chris Gass, Mech. Engineer undergraduate (Past)

Sarah Hanson, Mech. Engineer Undergrad (Past)

Carissa Miyano, Biology Undergrad (Past, now an MS student in our lab!)

Beth Dennison: Senior. Chief mouse surgical officer

Alex Elbert: Freshman, Bio-med major

Madison Miller: Biology Undergraduate (Past)

Carl Zapfe, Chemistry undergraduate

Sydney Eck, Biology Undergraduate

krishna Patel, High School Student

Megan Arnold, Biology Undergrad from Allegheny College

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